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Special senses and speech impairments can significantly impact an individual’s daily life and ability to work. This blog post will explore how the Social Security Administration (SSA) evaluates claims for disability benefits related to these impairments.

Understanding Special Senses and Speech Impairments

Special senses and speech impairments include a range of conditions affecting vision, hearing, and speech. These impairments can be due to various causes, including congenital issues, diseases, or injuries.

SSA’s Evaluation Criteria for Visual Disorders

The SSA evaluates visual disorders based on:

  1. Visual Acuity: The ability to distinguish detail and perform fine work.
  2. Visual Fields: The ability to perceive visual stimuli in the peripheral vision.
  3. Statutory Blindness: Defined as central visual acuity of 20/200 or less in the better eye with the use of a correcting lens, or a visual field limitation with the widest diameter subtending an angle no greater than 20 degrees.

Evaluating Hearing Loss

For hearing loss, the SSA requires:

  1. Otologic Examination: Performed by a licensed physician to assess any middle ear abnormalities.
  2. Audiometric Testing: Conducted by a qualified audiologist, including pure tone air and bone conduction testing, speech reception threshold testing, and word recognition testing.

Challenges in the Application Process

Applicants often face challenges in:

  • Providing detailed and accurate medical evidence.
  • Understanding the specific criteria and tests required by the SSA.
  • Demonstrating the extent of impairment and its impact on daily functioning and employment.

Understanding the SSA’s criteria for evaluating special senses and speech impairments is crucial for a successful disability claim. It’s important to provide comprehensive medical evidence and understand how these impairments affect your ability to function and work.

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