What Medical Conditions Qualify for Social Security Disability?

Understanding the Social Security Administration’s (SSA) Listing of Impairments is crucial for anyone seeking disability benefits. This blog post will delve into the Adult Listings (Part A) of these impairments, providing a clear overview and guidance on how they impact eligibility for disability benefits.

Overview of SSA Adult Listings

The SSA’s Listing of Impairments, also known as the Blue Book, categorizes impairments that are considered severe enough to prevent an individual from engaging in substantial gainful activity (SGA). For adults, these impairments are listed in Part A and cover various body systems. Key sections include:

  1. Musculoskeletal Disorders
  2. Special Senses and Speech
  3. Respiratory Disorders
  4. Cardiovascular System
  5. Digestive System
  6. Genitourinary Disorders
  7. Hematological Disorders
  8. Skin Disorders
  9. Endocrine Disorders
  10. Congenital Disorders Affecting Multiple Body Systems
  11. Neurological Disorders
  12. Mental Disorders
  13. Cancer (Malignant Neoplastic Diseases)
  14. Immune System Disorders

Eligibility for Disability Benefits

To qualify for disability benefits under the listings, an individual’s impairment must meet or equal the criteria specified in the relevant listing. It’s important to note that all listed impairments are either permanent, expected to result in death, or have a duration of at least twelve continuous months.

The Importance of Medical Evidence

A successful disability claim hinges on providing comprehensive medical evidence that supports the severity and impact of the impairment. This includes detailed medical records, test results, and physician statements.

Challenges in the Application Process

Navigating the SSA’s listings can be complex. Common challenges include:

  • Understanding the specific criteria for each impairment.
  • Gathering sufficient medical evidence.
  • Effectively communicating the impact of the impairment on daily life and work ability.


The SSA’s Adult Listings of Impairments play a pivotal role in determining eligibility for disability benefits. Understanding these listings and preparing a well-documented claim are key steps towards a successful application.

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